Meet Joe Skipper - Not Your Average Joe

Hear our interview with Joe Skipper on Episode 9 of the Swim Smooth podcast here (links to more platforms below):

One thing that is a constant source of pleasure at Swim Smooth is having pro athletes travel from around the world to train with us at our home base in Perth, Western Australia.

One such triathlete is the UK's Joe Skipper who had a fantastic year's racing in 2018, finishing 7th at the World Championships in Hawaii and winning Ironman UK:

Joe has been following Swim Smooth's philosophy of swimming for a while, having consulted over the last couple of years with Seamus Bennett, our excellent certified coach in Suffolk, UK.

Training at Claremont pool: Joe resetting his Tempo Trainer Pro

As you'd expect from anyone who swims 50 minutes for 3.8km in rough waters of Hawaii, there's more right with Joe's swimming than wrong and whilst Paul's been fine-tuning a few things (notably his breathing pattern) Joe certainly doesn't need a major overhaul of his stroke (you can see Joe swimming for yourself here).

Erm! Paul and Joe, Xmas 2018.
One of the great things about Joe is that he's extremely open and honest about sharing his experiences and how he trains, for instance you can see every single one of his training sessions logged on Strava here:

That makes him the perfect podcast guest as we get into the nitty gritty of training for elite Ironman performance, how Paul is working on fine tuning his swimming performances and what to apply to your own training and racing.

It's a fascinating listen! :

Swim Smooth!

Apply Now: Announcing THREE Coach Ed Courses In USA, Australia and Europe

Swim Smooth are very pleased to announce that Head Coach Paul Newsome and the Swim Smooth team will be running three editions of our famous 3 Day Coach Education Course in the first half of 2019.

We are now taking applications for:

5-7 April 2019, Portland, USA
11-13 April 2019, Sydney, Australia
23-25 May 2019, Mallorca, Spain

Are you as passionate about swim coaching as we are? Are you keen to develop your video analysis and stroke correction skills? Would like to understand effective training for distance swimming? Or perhaps you have ambitions to go on and become one of the next generation of Swim Smooth Certified Coaches?

Since we ran our first 3-day Coach Education Course in Birmingham in June 2010 we've had over 460 international coaches complete the course from over 2,700 applicants.

Mallorca: The Class Of 2018

Such is the demand that getting onto the course is not easy but those who are successful epitomise what Swim Smooth is all about - you don't necessarily need to be the most experienced coach to be offered a spot, but you do need to show us your passion, commitment and the purpose to your coaching.

Day 3 is practical day. Your chance to get stuck in and
practise what you have learnt in a live clinic situation.

What's more, if you get your application in before 31st January, you will be eligible for the Early Bird Savings of $50 USD / $100 AUD / £50 GBP.

So what's stopping you? Apply now and get started on your path to better swim coaching!

"Just" A Swimmer? Make Sure You Choose A Certified Swim Smooth Coach!

See yourself like never before: Underwater video
analysis is a key part of every SS Coach's service
As you can see above, we spend a huge amount of effort selecting and training Swim Smooth Coaches. We do that because we know you can't fake it in swim coaching - you need the right knowledge, expertise and experience to help swimmers of all abilities reach their true potential in the water.

So whether you need some help improving your effectiveness and speed with video analysis or are looking to join a fantastic training squad in your area, make sure you choose a Certified Swim Smooth Coach - only they are fully trained by us to transform your swimming.

Find your nearest here:

A big welcome to Swim Smooth!

Swim Smooth!

Meet Professor Greg Whyte - Coach To The Stars

In episode 8 of the Swim Smooth Podcast we're very lucky to be talking with Professor Greg Whyte OBE - a legend in the Sports and Exercise Science world and a guy who has helped raise in excess of £40 million for Sport / Comic Relief with over 30 amazing challenges of human endurance with some of the world's most famous celebrities:

Greg's book Achieve the Impossible is exactly what you need to kick start your year the right way. It's a brilliant compendium that seeks to help you set yourself some objectives for the future and then go after them with the type of tenacity that allowed Little Britain comedian David Walliams to swim the English Channel in an amazing 10½ hours and to then swim the length of the River Thames (some 140+ miles in 8 days).

You can see more about the book here:

Paul and Greg during the Walliams vs. The Thames swim
With David on day 2 of this epic challenge
In the podcast we go into great depth about how to take on these amazing endurance events and look at how 4 "normal" ladies from the UK (all of whom have faced various personal challenges in their life), go from swimming head-up breaststroke to swimming the English Channel in under 14 hours in some terrible conditions.

WARNING!! This is super inspirational and you can observe the full documentary on this here:

Greg was Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome's sports physiologist as part of Chris Jones' One Vision triathlon team back in the mid-90s and the inspiration behind Paul following his path in sports science and coaching.

We hope you love the podcast with Greg and that it sets you up for a great 2019!

Cheers! Paul & Adam

Announcing Our New Partnership With Precision Hydration - Receive 15% Off Your First Order!

Swim Smooth are very proud to announce Precision Hydration as Swim Smooth's official hydration partner!

Here at SS we've been big fans of PH's individual approach to hydration since they were founded in 2011. In many ways this mirrors our own individual approach to stroke technique:

As you know to perform at our best as athletes it is essential that we stay hydrated but what you might not appreciate is that everyone loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat, from as little as 200mg/litre to as much as 2000mg/litre. Maintaining sodium levels in your blood is crucial to performing at your best so a "one-size-fits-all" approach to hydration just doesn't work.

To get started with PH you need to determine how much sodium you lose in your own individual sweat, which you can do using the on-line sweat test here or using the laboratory sweat test here. Precision Hydration will then recommend you a personalised plan to use before, during and after training / races to perform at your very best.

This is useful for anyone but if you know you lose a lot of salt in your sweat or perform poorly in hot conditions this is an absolute must.

Laboratory Sweat Test

Currently I use a carbohydrate drink with electrolytes in it, what's wrong with that? The problem here is that whilst your energy needs will be similar to other athletes for a given session or race, your sodium requirements could be hugely different. The modern approach to sports nutrition is to separate out your energy and electrolyte needs so that you have control over each individually. Use a tailored solution of PH in your drink and take gels or solids to replace your calories.

You can find out more by listening to SS Head Coach Paul Newsome and PH Founder Andy Blow discuss everything Precision Hydration in Episode 6 of the Swim Smooth Podcast in iTunes here (other platform links below).

As part of our partnership with PH you can save 15% off your first order with them using the discount code SWIMSMOOTH in their on-line shop. Or follow this link to their site and the discount will be automatically applied in the cart:

And if you are a Dutch speaker, also check out SS Coach Filip Rigole's information and retail site here.

Precision Hydration work with teams in the English Premier League, International Rugby Union, the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Formula 1 Motor racing, MotoGP and Indy Car, as well as elite individuals from the worlds of cycling, running, triathlon. The mission in every case is the same - to give each athlete a personalised hydration strategy so that they have the best chance of achieving their goals.

Take the sweat test and get started today.

Swim Smooth!

Listen to the SS Podcast on these platforms:


And The Beatles Were Just A Boy Band - Think Big For 2019

People achieve great things from humble beginnings all the time. Lewis Hamilton lived on his dad's sofa as a kid. Walt Disney was the cartoonist for his school newspaper. Hilary Swank grew up in a trailer park. And the Beatles were just a boy band designed to appeal to teenage girls:

The biggest danger you face when looking ahead to 2019 is to aim too low. You may consider you have "modest" abilities but set yourself a modest goal and you're likely to be uninspired by it.

Or, set yourself a challenging goal, one that excites you and scares you in equal measure and you'll be inspired to work hard and take the steps you need to succeed. When you do that, anything can happen.

Need some inspiration? Take a look back at Lennart Flygare from เกมยิงปลา HappyFishingour blog a few weeks ago, who became the first person to ever swim the Kvarken Strait along with two friends. Amazing!

Some com'on, it doesn't matter where you are now, think big, aim high and get excited about 2019 - let's get fired up and put a dent in this universe!

Happy New Year for Tuesday!

Your Festive Swim Session - The 12 Days Of Christmas

We've just released Episode 6 of the Swim Smooth Podcast where we are joined by Andy Blow - Head Coach Paul Newsome's long-time friend, fellow Bath University Sport & Exercise Science graduate, British Triathlon team member, founder of เกมยิงปลา, and most recently, the guy who dragged Paul around the infamous Otillo SwimRun World Championships in Sweden (see photo right)!

Paul and Andy chew the fat about Sport Science and where their paths in this discipline diverged (Andy - more towards physiology, nutrition and testing; Paul - more towards biomechanics and coaching).

Andy's story is fascinating, from being a prospective Leicester City youth team soccer player in his early teens, to becoming a formidable force in triathlon in the early / mid-2000s, to now helping tens of thousands of athletes in sports as diverse as baseball to biathlon improve their performance through a better understanding of their hydration requirements.

Listen here:

Note: There was a problem with the audio starting at 17:30 on the original release. It's fixed now but if your device has downloaded the original then delete it and re-download.

Like this on an iPhone:

Your Festive Swim Session - The 12 Days Of Christmas

What do the Swim Smooth Squads in Perth do for their last session before Christmas? Swim the 12 days session of course! As introduced here by Paul:

Give this solid aerobic set a crack between now and Christmas day:

Warm-up200mEasy freestyle
12 lengths600mCross eyed emusCSS+7*
11 lengths550mEleven limping lizardsCSS+6
10 lengths500mTen nosy numbatsCSS+5
9 lengths450mNine fat koalasCSS+4
8 lengths400mEight frill necked lizardsCSS+3
7 lengths350mSeven wobbly wombatsCSS+2
6 lengths300mSix cackling cockiesCSS+1
5 lengths250mFive pink galahsCSS
4 lengths200mFour kicking kangaroosCSS-1
3 lengths150mThree mincing magpiesCSS-2
2 lengths100mTwo lucky lyrebirdCSS-3
1 length50mA kookaburra up the gum treeCSS-4

Length count is for a 50m/yd pool - double the lengths for a 25m/yd pool.

* To descend, take 0:25 off your Tempo Trainer Pro in Mode 1 after each swim.

A big fat Merry Christmas to you, from everyone at Swim Smooth!

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